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Savings & General Inquiries

Do you have a 'subscribe & save' program?

We do, with all of our products and stacks. You can check out our stacks here, which are already reduced, and when you subscribe, you get another 15% off minimum (the option is right there on the page). And all of our products which you can see here

Are there any discounts I can use to try a product?

Yes, for your first order we actually have a discount code you can use (once) to save and test out a product. Just use the code MITA20 for 20% off your order.

Do you offer any samples to try a product?

We'd love to, and we may in the future, but they're very expensive to produce and require massive minimum orders. Instead, we invest that money in new products, research, and improving your experience. However, instead of a sample, use the code MITA2