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Which MITA supplements are right for me?

It depends on your goals, but also which road blocks are most important for you to tackle and overcome... Low energy? Low drive? Low libido? Low T? Poor performance in the gym or bedroom?. We have a quick quiz in our chat in the bottom right of your

I'm on medication, can I take your products?

You'll have to ask your doctor for that one. While every product we make is 100% safe for humans, being that they're all natural ingredients, certain medical conditions, and certain medications can lead to negative impacts. So if you have a medical c

What's your manufacturing process?

All of our products are manufactured in Canada where they have stricter laws when it comes to doses and ingredients and claims.We find the best sources for each ingredient, aiming for brand-name ingredients where possible, and include every single in

Can women take your products?

Pretty much every product we have can be taken safely and effectively by women. The one exception would be Man Boost which may have too high of a dose of zinc for women (though, if you sweat/workout a lot, it could be fine). In fact, women regularly

Can any of your supplements cause me to fail a drug test?


Can I take your products everyday?

Yup. When we formulate a product, we ensure that we include ingredients that can safely be taken every day.

How do I know these supplements will work?

Great question, and some of them will be obvious. DRIVE, you'll feel right away, Man Greens will also give you a bump in energy, even though neither have stimulants. However, just because you don't feel something right away doesn't mean it's not work

Can I combine supplements and use them at the same time?

Yes. Each of our products are made and formulated to support one another and work together. Hence, you'll see DRIVE and MOJO in the circulation stack because, while they both contain ingredients that support energy, libido, and male hormones, they al